The Aquathon Series 2021

Following 7 great years of the Delta Simons Aquathon series at Activities Away in Lincoln the series drew to a close in 2018. It remained as popular as ever with beginner, intermediated and experienced athletes but we questioned if the event was actually needed anymore.

The BTF have flooded the market with Go Tri events and local organisers seem to have events on every weekend. The choice was outstanding and it was great to see local athletes getting to compete locally.

However we did offer one super sprint “pop up” Aquathon in 2019 to meet the requests that we were receiving – over 50 people turned up at the drop of a hat to take part. With this in mind we are currently exploring a real grass roots return of the series for 2021 and we would look to retain a simple one off series registration fee of JUST £10, but no race fees.

You will need to pay your lake entry fee to Activities Away but working with Deltasimons we will not be charging you a penny to race once you have registered.

Background to the Deltasimons Aquathon

Check out our Aquathon Video Here!

Aquathon Event Details

Where:   Activities Away, Thorpe Lane, Lincoln, LN6 9NW.
When:    Wednesday evenings
Dates:     TBC
Series Registration: £10

Juniors: Under 16, minimum age 9 (on day of race)
200m swim & 2000m run
17:00 onwards (series registration £10)
Race Start:
Cost: Juniors: FREE ENTRY


2018 – Aquathon series entry form

Adults: 16 years old and over (on day of race)
Distances: 800m swim & 3000m run
Registration:  17:00 onwards (series registration £10)
Race Start: 


2018 – Aquathon series entry form

Terms and conditions:
1) Each event may be booked on the day.
2) Athletes are required to complete an annual registration.
3) Refunds will not be given if you do not attend the event after registration.
4) The decision of the Event Director will be final in all matters.

Paul Fowler